Step 1:
Print, complete, and mail a Formal Complaint Form, found by clicking on "file a complaint" in the top navigation bar above. Formal complaints must be submitted in writing to the GAL Program Deputy for review. Mail all formal complaint forms to the address below:

            Wyoming GAL Program
            Attn: Dan Wilde, Deputy
            Rogers Building, Basement
            316 W. 22nd St.
            Cheyenne, WY 82002      

Step 2: Upon receipt of the formal complaint, the GAL Deputy will make an initial assessment to determine if the allegations of the complaint appear to involve an ethical violation that should be referred to the Wyoming State Bar Association for investigation. If it is determined the formal complaint appears to involve a violation of ethical conduct, the GAL Deputy will immediately advise the complainant in writing to contact the Wyoming State Bar Association, and the upon referral, the formal complaint will be considered resolved and no further action will be taken.

Step 3: Should the formal complaint not be referred to the Wyoming State Bar, the GAL Deputy will determine if the complaint involves compliance with Program Rules and Policies, and not specific decisions of the court or recommendations made the GAL for orders of placement or custody of a child. If it is determined the formal complaint appears to not involve a violation of GAL Program Rules and Policies, then the GAL Deputy will notify the complainant in writing that the formal complaint will not be investigated and the matter will be considered resolved.

Step 4: Should the formal complaint require investigation, the GAL Deputy will provide a copy of the formal complaint to the accused GAL for review and response. The accused GAL will be asked to submit a written response within ten (10) calendar days of receiving the complaint.

Step 5: The GAL Deputy will continue to conduct further investigation into the formal complaint. The GAL Deputy may conduct fact-finding meetings with each or all parties to the case.

Step 6: Upon conclusion of investigation, the GAL Deputy will issue a written resolution of the complaint. A copy of this written resolution will be provided to the complainant and the accused GAL. 

Step 7: A copy of the formal complaint and its resolution will be filed with the Program.