Acknowledgement of Client Confidentiality
GAL affiliates of the Wyoming GAL Program that may have access to confidential client information are required to sign and submit this form before commencing work as a Program affiliate.

Acknowledgement to Not Give Legal Advice
Giving legal advice is prohibited by Wyoming GAL Program Administrative Staff, law school student externs, and Program volunteers. These affiliates are required to complete this form before commencing work as a Program Affiliate.

Case Closure Memo
Please use this form to close open cases in the Wyoming GAL Program database currently maintained by Wyoming GAL program Administrative staff. Please ensure you submit closure memos within ten days of the case being closed or dismissed with the court.

Request for Appointment of New GAL
GALs appointed to a Wyoming GAL Program Case may encounter a conflict of interest during the course of their representation. If and when this happens, this form is required prior to withdrawing from the case at which time the GAL Program will maintain representation of the case and shall file a Notice of Substitution with the court.

Yearly CLE Compliance Check & Affidavit
GALs appointed to any panel of the Wyoming GAL Program must complete this form to certify and acknowledge that they have  attained five annual hours of CLE in child welfare training. This affidavit should be submitted each calendar year to the Wyoming GAL Program Administrative Offices.