Corinne A. Burke Miller
Staff Attorney
Carbon County

Carbon County Field Office
Carbon Building
215 West Buffalo Street, Suite 381
Rawlins, Wyoming 82301

office: (307) 324-4685
fax: (307) 324-4686

Corinne was born and raised in Wyoming where she grew up on a farm and several ranches. Corinne attended the University of Wyoming College of Law and graduated in 1988. 

Corinne practiced as a GAL for the GAL Program as a part-time contractor before receiving an offer to become a full-time employee. She accepted the position in July 2012 and now lives in Rawlins, Wyoming with her husband of 21 years. 

She began doing Guardian Ad Litem work pro bono in 1991, where she found her niche in the practice of law. Corinne finds it rewarding to see the positive changes in the GAL Program in the past twenty years and the difference it has made to Wyoming children. She believes she has been blessed to be a part of the change and is inspired by each child she represent.