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Absent Parents - Diligent Search

wyoming dfs protocol for diligent search.pdf

Case Planning & Concurrent Planning

Concurrent Planning as a Tool for Permanency.pdf
Concurrent Planning Brochure.pdf
Wyoming Concurrenct Planning Handbook.pdf
Wyoming Concurrent Planning Guide.pdf
Wyoming Family Service Plan.pdf

Child Competency

ABA memo FINAL1[1].pdf

Children's Law Career

Legal Career Paths in Child Advocacy.pdf
Prelaw Considerations.pdf
While in Law School.pdf

Communicating with Child Client

How to Speak Teen Language.pdf


Cultural Competency in Child Welfare Practice.pdf
Disproportionality Rates May 2011.pdf
Overview of Cultural Competence.pps

Domestic Violence

assessing the lethality risk.pdf
barriers to leaving for adult victims.pdf
Denver Juvenile Court Domestice Violence Protocol.pdf
guiding principles for intervention.pdf
how batterers affect the mother's parenting.pdf
how children cope with family violence.pdf
identifying domestic violence.pdf
information to consider in assessing protective factors.pdf
interview questions for assessing the outcome of the victim's past help-seeking.pdf
interview questions to assess impact of dv on children.pdf
lethality checklist.pdf
power and control wheel.pdf
routine screening for dv - sample questions.pdf
sample interview comments and questions.pdf
Why Juvenile Courts Should Address Family Violence.pdf


Awaiting Foster Care Placement Definitions by State - McKinney-Vento.pdf
Costs and Benefits of Early Childhood Intervention.pdf
Education and Child Welfare.pdf
FC and Education Overlap of Federal Laws.pdf
Foster Youth - Left Behind.pdf
Help Foster Children Suceed in School.pdf
Improving Educational Outcomes in Foster Care.pdf
Special Education Decision Making - Role of the Child's Attorney.pdf
State Legislation Chart under McKinney-Vento 10-5-10.pdf

Federal Law

ICPC Resources.pdf
ICPC Tips for Wyoming GALS.pdf
ICWA Glossary and Flowchart.pdf

GAL Standards and Caseloads

ABA Standards (NACC Revised).pdf
ABA Standards.pdf
Caseloads - Davidson and Pitchal (2006).pdf
NACC Recommendations.pdf

General Child Welfare

Engaging Non-Resident Fathers in Child Welfare Proceedings - Part 1.pdf
First Star Report 2009.pdf
FIRST STAR_ A Childs Right to Counsel_ Final.pdf
Geography Matters Report.pdf
Needs of Children in Welfare System.pdf


America's Children in Brief - Well-Being 2006.pdf
HandbookonChemicalRestraint (Florida).pdf
Screening Tools for Persons Working with Children with Disabilities.pdf
Six Steps to Address Rising STIs in Teen Girls.pdf
Youth Suicide.pdf

Incarcerated Parents in Juvenile Court

Child Friendly Jail-Prison Visit Practices.pdf

Independent Living (Transition from Foster Care)

A Model of Support By and For Youth.pdf
ABA Policy on Youth Transitioning from Foster Care.pdf
Tools and Benefits for Youth with Special Needs Aging Out of Foster Care (by Melissa Prado).pdf
Transitioning Youth from Foster Care.pdf

Infants and Toddlers in Foster Care

Health Beginings, Healthy Futures (ABA).pdf
Healthy Attachment.pdf
Visitation with Infants and Toddlers in Foster Care.pdf

Interstate Compact on Juveniles

Enrolled Act 19.pdf
ICJ Resource Kit.pdf
SF 0005.pdf
Wyoming DFS Policy on ICJ 4.14.pdf

Juvenile Justice

2006 Wyoming OJJDP Compliance Monitoring State Report.pdf
2008 The State of Juvenile Detention in Wyoming - OJJDP Compliance Monitoring.pdf
2008 Wyoming Detention Summary.pdf
Dangers of Juvenile Detention.pdf
Scared Straight.pdf
Wyoming The Inequality Equality State.pdf

Latino & Hispanic Child Welfare Topics

Creating a Latino Child Welfare Agenda.pdf
Promoting and Supporting Latino Families in Adoption and Foster Care.pdf
The Essence of Culture - A Peek at Hispanics-Latinos Culture.pdf
Understanding Latino Families.pdf


Exploring Attitudes About LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care.pdf
Legal Advocacy and Decision Making for LGBTQ Youth.pdf
Roles of Lawyers and Judges in Protecting LGBTQ Youth.pdf
Tips for Building Relationships with LGBTQ Youth.pdf

Mental Health

CTS - At A Glance - East 090915.pdf
CTS - At A Glance - West 090915.pdf
Family Guide 09.pdf
Meeting Mental Health Neesd of Youth in System.pdf
Mental Health Assessments for Infants and Toddlers.pdf
Psychiatric Disorders of Youth in Detention.pdf

Multidisciplinary Teams

MDT Cover Report - FINAL.doc
MDT Guidebook - FINAL.pdf
MDTs abd CPTs.pdf
Multidisciplinary Team Meetings - Laramie County Pamphlet for Parents.docx
Multidisciplinary Team Meetings - Laramie County Pamphlet for Parents.pdf
Using MDTs to Investigate Child Abuse.pdf

Parents Representation

ABA Parents Representation Standards.pdf
Parents Handbook - Second Edition.pdf
Promoting Quality Parent Representation.pdf

Representing Children in CHINS Proceedings

Representing Juvenile Status Offenders.pdf

Representing Children in Delinquency Proceedings

Role of Juvenile Defense Counsel.pdf

Residential Treatment Facility & Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

APS Article 7-11.pdf
APS PRTF Workflow Chart.pdf
Psychiatric Residential Treatment Detail.pdf
Wyoming Equality Care (Medicaid) PRTF-RTC Changes.pdf

Substance Abuse

Reclaiming Futures - Freeing Youth from Drugs and Crime.pdf

Termination of Parental Rights

Wyoming Lawyer - December 2008, Current TPR Statute- Incentive to Avoid the Court System.pdf

Wyoming Child Welfare

2008 WCRP Annual Report.pdf
Ethically Speaking - Juvenile Court Part I.pdf
Ethically Speaking - Juvenile Court Part II.pdf
Ethically Speaking - Juvenile Court Part III.pdf
Ethically Speaking - Juvenile Court Part IV.pdf
Juvenile Court Process Flow Chart.pdf
Mini-CFSR Legal Findings.pdf

Youth in Court

ABA DependencyGuide to Court for Youth.pdf
Assessing A Child's Ability to Participate in Court.pdf
children in court reaction.pdf
cinc article.pdf
Determining extent of childs participation.pdf
Foster Parent Policy.pdf
Permanency Hearings and Youth in Court Federal Language 42 USCA 675 5c.pdf
social worker policy.pdf
TA Package Concerns Solution.doc
TA Package Concerns Solution.pdf