As part of the Wyoming GAL Division Operations Manual, the following policies shall assist GALs appointed to a GAL Program Panel and GAL Program administrative staff with any questions on tasks, duties, and guidelines. This collection is also available in print format or electronically by request. 

GAL Division Policy Collection

To use this online collection and to obtain copies of each individual policy, please click on the title of each policy below. Upon clicking, a new window will appear containing a PDF of the electronic copy. You may print, save, or e-mail this copy as you would any PDF file. 

For further questions on Program operations, including billing, travel, or policies, please contact Denise Herman, Accountant.

Policy A: Agency Distribution of Responsibilities
Defines and clarifies the responsibilities of the Wyoming GAL Program and the Office of the State Public Defender, to which the GAL Program is located. This includes a separation of duties to prevent real or apparent conflicts of interest.

Policy B: GAL Program Advisory Council
Defines the guidelines and bylaws that govern membership, appointment, and the purpose of the GAL Program Advisory Council (GPAC). 

Policy C: Program Panel Selection

Sets forth the criteria for selection and appointment to a GAL Program Panel for those individuals seeking to attain a position on a GAL Program Panel. This policy also describes the application process.

Policy D: Attorney-Client Conflicts of Interest

Describes the appropriate and professional process for a GAL Program attorney to decline or withdraw from a GAL appointment.

Policy E: GALs in CHINS & Delinquency Proceedings

Defines the roles an attorney or GAL may play in a CHINS or a Delinquency proceeding and sets forth the guidelines to proper appointment of a GAL in these cases in accordance with Wyoming Statutes.

Policy F: Permanency Unit, TPR, & Appellate Proceedings
Describes a GAL's representation in a TPR or Appellate proceeding and defines the guidelines for GALs appointed to the underlying juvenile court action and GALs appointed to the TPR or appellate action and their relationship and responsibilities to each other.

Policy G: Children in Court
Sets forth the GAL Program's expectations of GAL Program clients attending all court hearings in which they are subject and the steps the GAL should take when preparing a client for court.

Policy H: Client Meetings & Relationships
Sets forth guidelines for appropriate and professional relationships with GAL Program clients and their GAL attorneys. This policy also defines the appropriate frequency of meetings with clients. This policy also discusses the current travel exceptions currently in place that prohibits GALs from meeting with clients that are placed at a facility that would require the GAL to travel overnight and incur reimbursable travel expenses.

Policy I: Expenditure Approval & Reimbursement
Sets forth the guidelines for expenditure requests, reimbursements, approval, and related expenses.

Policy J: Travel Approval & Reimbursement
Sets forth the guidelines for travel requests, reimbursements, approval, and related expenses.

Policy K: Case Maintenance
Outlines the process for GALs to receive case assignments and requirements for maintaining information on their cases with the GAL Program Administrative Office. This policy also defines the proper procedures and timelines for closing cases.

Policy L: Payment
Clarifies the process for proper payment of expenses including GAL contract payments, travel reimbursements, and other expense reimbursements. 

Policy M: Formal Complaints
Outlines the process and guidelines for filing a formal complaint on a GAL attorney that is currently appointed to a GAL Program Panel and assigned to a GAL Program Case.

Policy N: Retention of Files

Sets forth the proper procedures for retaining all GAL Client Files, including the timeline and ownership of each file.

Policy O: State-Owned Vehicles
Defines the proper use of state-owned vehicles.

Policy P: Office Space & Stipends
Sets forth the guidelines for a common structure for county responsibility of providing office space. This policy also directs the GAL Program Administrator in negotiations with counties for this space. Additionally, expectations and responsibilities of use for this space are outlines in this policy.

Policy Q: State-Purchased Cellular Phones
Defines the proper use of state-purchased cellular phones.