Client Files


Step 1:

Print, complete, and mail a File Request form, found by clicking on "request a file" in the top navigation bar above.

File requests must be submitted in writing to the Agency for review. Should you be unable to complete this request in writing, please contact our office and a staff member will assist you. Mail all Program File Request forms to the address below:

Wyoming Office of Guardian ad Litem

Attn: Joseph Belcher, Director

Historical Court House

310 W 19th St Ste 100

Cheyenne, WY 82002

Step 2:

Upon receipt of the file request, the Director will make an assessment to determine whether the requesting party has authorization to access the file.

If the request is received without a notarized consent attached, the request will automatically be denied.

Step 3:

The Director will determine whether the requesting party will be granted access to the file.

If it is determined that the requester does not have authority to access the file, the request will be denied. No further action will be taken.

Step 4:

If the Director approved the request of the client file, the requester will be contacted by the Agency directly.