Formal Complaint


Wyoming Office of Guardian ad Litem provides Wyoming's citizens with the opportunity to let us know about your experiences working with a GAL in your community. The Agency accepts written, formal complaints against GALs that you think may be in violation of Agency Rules and Policies. Please note: complaints are not anonymous.

The Agency reviews and investigates all formal complaints submitted against a GAL. No formal complaint will be accepted anonymously or verbally. The accused GAL will have an opportunity to respond to all complaints investigated by the Agency. Complaints will only be accepted if the Complainant believes the GAL is in violation of Agency Rules and Policies. Complaints involving decisions of the court or recommendations made by the GAL as basis for the orders of placement of custody of a child will not be accepted.

Further information on Wyoming Office of Guardian ad Litem Rules and Policies can be found in the Operations Tab.

Formal complaints, information throughout the investigation and decisions made by the Director may be shared within the agency. In no circumstance, will information regarding a formal complaint be shared with individuals outside of the Agency.